No Taxation Without Representation

Over $500M a year spent on parties


To the Major Parties, You Don't Matter

They write the rules. They control the election.

Over 90% of elections are decided during primaries, but because of restrictive elections laws only 10% of people participate.3

Is it any wonder why Congress has a record low 10% approval rating?4

You should not have to join a party to exercise your right to vote.

Parties monopolized control of elections

The parties wrote election laws that give them an unfair advantage over any challengers.

How do you take back control?

With a State-by-State Legal Strategy

First Lawsuit Filed in New Jersey.Read More

1) A state-by-state legal strategy. We are using the parties own arguments against them 7 to protect your fundamental right to vote.8

2) We're bringing together organizations from across the political spectrum to form the first nonpartisan coalition.

3) Mobilizing 250,000 Voters. We are amassing a large block of voters who will demand nonpartisan election reform. Become a volunteer today by clicking here.

History of Success

  • The coalition's co-founding organizations, the Independent Voter Project (IVP) and, have developed innovative approaches for organizing, educating, and mobilizing independent and nonpartisan voters.9
  • has organized grassroots committees of independents in 40 states; IVP has built the largest on-line network of independents in the country, the Independent Voter Network (IVN).10
  • IVP authored California's top-two nonpartisan primary initiative, which passed with 54% of the vote in 2010;11 IVP successfully defended the new California system from party attempts to overturn the law in the courtroom.12
  • has been involved in top-two nonpartisan primary initiatives in New York City, Oregon, California, and Arizona.

The Coalition

Join the Coalition coalition is the first organized effort to defend and promote the principle that every voter is entitled to an equal right of meaningful participation in the election process, whether or not they chose to affiliate with a political party. Read More.

If your organization would like to join the coalition, click here.

Founding Members

We have come together for the exclusive purpose of increasing meaningful nonpartisan voter participation.

Join Us

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Independent Voter Project


501(c)(4) nonprofit dedicated to encouraging non-partisan voters to participate.

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