Meet the Plaintiffs for the First Lawsuit Filed in New Jersey

Jaime Martinez, PhD. is a teacher educator at a private university. He has lived in and voted as a registered Democrat in Jersey City, New Jersey for over 25 years. He has been a supporter of independent politics for the last 18 years and has been an active volunteer in after school programs for young people.

Hans Henkes is the senior executive of the US subsidiary for a multi-national company. He is a native of Boston, MA and moved with his wife to Princeton, NJ in 2009 where he has voted as an independent in the last national and local elections.

Mark Balsam is a retired program administrator in mental health and education.. He was a program manager for 7 years at the Somerset County Head Start program. He has been an independent voter for most of his adult life and has been active in trying to change the way politics is done in the country. He lives in North Bergen, New Jersey and volunteers with the All Stars Project Inc, where he continues to support new, cutting edge approaches to adult and youth development.

Rebecca Feldman is an industrial designer, independent Councilwoman/Council President in Morristown and mother of two teen girls.

Rebecca worked ten years in corporations and five years as founder of The Women’s Design Consortium.  While raising two daughters Rebecca developed a passion for grassroots activism and leadership. Rebecca was elected to the Town Council in 2007 and 2011, beating both parties to become the only independent elected official in her Legislative District.

In 2012, Feldman served as Morris County Executive Director for Economic Development. In 2013 she coached in the LWV “Running and Winning” program, co-founded the Morris Area Committee to Reduce Gun Violence and ran as an independent for the NJ State Assembly, District 25.

Charles Donahue is a graphic designer and personal fitness trainer who has lived and voted in Bergen County, New Jersey for 23 years. Donahue, a registered independent, has been active at City Council and community meetings with respect to issues relative to residential parking and proposed zoning variances.

Tia Williams s a stay at home mom residing in Jersey City, NJ. She is a registered Republican, and is an active part of a local children’s ministry team.  She is a supporter of Independent voter’s rights to participate in every step of the voting process.

William Conger is a partner in a Morristown NJ Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”). Mr. Conger, a Vietnam veteran, has lived with his wife and three children in Morris County for almost 40 years. They are actively involved in a number of local civic and charitable organizations. A registered Republican, Mr. Conger got involved in this lawsuit because of his strong belief that the extremes of both parties dominate the political conversation instead of the reasonable majority.

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