The Coalition Agreement

Dear Prospective Coalition Participants,

First, thank you for your interest in End (“The CAMPAIGN”). Please know that we appreciate and respect the good work that you and your organizations have engaged in over the years to advance good government causes.

This letter has been prepared to memorialize the purpose, principles, etiquette, and affiliation rights that coalition participants will share.

I. Purpose:

To defend the right of individual voters to have equal, meaningful participation at every stage of the election process.

II. Principles:

The CAMPAIGN will promote ‘nonpartisan open primary’ reforms anchored by a state-by-state legal strategy challenging the Constitutionality of partisan primaries:

  1. The right to vote is fundamental.
  2. The right to vote cannot be abridged by a requirement to join any organization.
  3. Public funds should not be used to subsidize activities of political parties that abridge a voter’s right to meaningful participation in the election process.

For purposes of the CAMPAIGN, ‘nonpartisan open primary’ systems are defined as follows: Any primary election system in which all voters have an equal right to meaningful participation, regardless of their party affiliation or non-affiliation. seeks to end the distortion of the election process caused by partisan primary systems.

The CAMPAIGN does not seek to end or diminish the legitimate and constructive role of political parties in a fair and competitive election system rooted in respect for the rights of every voter.

III. Etiquette:

Participants shall abide by the following etiquette when representing The Campaign:

No Partisan Attacks
No Personal Attacks
Substantiate Claims

IV. Affiliation and Withdrawal:

1.  All coalition participants will be listed with a link to their individual websites on
2.  All coalition participants will be listed as supporters in promotional materials.
3.  Coalition participants may withdraw from participation for any reason upon reasonable written notice to The CAMPAIGN.
4.  Participants reserve the right to support, oppose, and/or endorse any particular election reform in their own name or in the name of their organization.

V. Other Clarifications:

1.  Coalition participants agree to abide by these principles. The CAMPAIGN may dissociate with a participant who does not act in good faith to adhere to these principles or who otherwise engages in activities that might damage the credibility of The CAMPAIGN.
2.  Each participant shall support efforts of The CAMPAIGN to establish, promote, and protect these principles to the extent possible and consistent with their own organizational bylaws.
3.  All participants shall respect the differences of opinion that may arise from time to time as well as those differences that may be fundamental, despite the common support for, and shall endeavor to communicate constructively with each other in a manner consistent with advancing the interest of The CAMPAIGN.
4.  The CAMPAIGN and the coalition participants agree NOT to use The Campaign or participation in The CAMPAIGN to advocate for any purpose other than that articulated herein.

Coalition Agreement Signature

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    The Centrist Project has joined the campaign to #EndPartisanship

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    Independent Voters of Nevada signed the coalition agreement

    This is such an exciting cause and movement to be a part of!

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