What You Can Do to #EndPartisanship

The EndPartisanship Coalition held it’s first volunteer call last Friday to discuss how you can get involved in the campaign to End Partisanship. Cathy Stewart and Chad Peace discuss the grassroots strategy for media coverage of the lawsuit and everyday actions you can take to help promote the campaign.


After filing the lawsuit challenging New Jersey’s primary system, our goal has been to raise awareness locally in New Jersey and to get our story into the hands of respected New Jersey reporters, Cathy explains.

When asked about the lawsuit, Senator Cory Booker said he couldn’t comment specifically until he reads it, but “believes in more inclusion.”

We’ve got volunteers working social media on behalf of #EndPartisanship and volunteers calling voters in all states. In New York, for example, 57 percent of voters we reached are joining the campaign, and in New Jersey that number is 41 percent.

What You Can Do: 

We want to get the hashtag #EndPartisanship trending on Twitter. To do this, you can take a picture of your bumper sticker (get one here) and post it on twitter using the hashtag #EndPartisanship.

If you see a particularly partisan comment on Twitter, respond using the hashtag #EndPartisanship.

You can share Ben Swann’s Truth in Media video with friends who want to learn more. Watch it below:

Want to distribute “Awake” stickers around your community? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more stickers.

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